Automated Research

Fast, comprehensive background 
research on people and companies

Research is much more than search

Digital Insight enables rapid, enhanced due diligence that reduces costs and goes beyond regulation to provide rich information and new opportunities


Online information is a rich untapped source of insight to aid business decisions

People and relationships remain as key to doing business today as they ever have. In the digital age there is less face-to-face interaction and a wealth of online information growing at an exponential rate.

However until now, harnessing the power of this information has been a manual, time-consuming and costly process.  

Digital insight runs on demand through our website, drawing on hundreds of thousands of sources, to generate detailed reports that are verifiable and always up to date.

Our sophisticated AI and natural language processing build a comprehensive profile in minutes, delivering users deep insight without training in background research.

What does
digital insight
look like ?

You can drill into
all of the detail
We set everything
in context
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Once your report has been collated, you will be able to view it online or on any mobile device. It will contain an overview summarising key findings and drawing your attention to positive or risky aspects of the individual. Each report also details second-degree insight, business connections and personal interests. You will see media exposure and checks for their presence as a PEP
or sanctioned individual.


We can tailor the report to highlight information or score risk pertinentto your area of business.


Importantly, we set everything in context, so for example, if we identify the person as a company director, we will help you understand whether the company is small, large, multinational and how it is perceived.


Traditional checks only showed
that the individual did not represent
a risk, but the
digital insight report identified several of our client’s other business interests that were closely-related to our products, enabling us to offer additional relevant services.





Digital Insight’s unbiased view reveals risks but also highlights the positives. This generates opportunities to offer further services and allows you to convert high-net-worth prospects whilst informing your understanding of any potential moral hazard.  


and regulations

Compliance is typically viewed only as a cost to business, but Digital Insight’s rapid reporting doesn’t just minimise this, it enables you to exceed regulatory requirements by offering second-degree insight and setting every result in deep context. 


Investor and M&A due diligence

Digital Insight enables businesses to make key decisions with the confidence that comes from deep research; offering insights into the individual’s background, other business interests and their immediate associates.


HR and recruitment 


Digital Insight enables the appointment of senior staff in the assurance that a full and unbiased picture has been appraised. Wider applications include mitigating risk to corporate reputation through the efficient screening of all routine appointments to positions of trust.

Charitable Sector.jpg

Charitable sector:

donors & development

Despite a duty to uphold the
highest standards, not-for-profit organisations can lack the resources to effectively screen international donors or programme partners. Digital Insight offers a cost-effective solution that requires no specialist training and knows no borders.


Research Analysts 


Digital Insight’s unprecedented speed can boost the performance of research teams through rapid ground-clearing. It follows every lead exhaustively and uses powerful contextual analysis and image recognition to join information across unlinked networks.

Our positive insights act as a catalyst for business

Negative information is only half the story. We also help you to identify positive narratives about people and their achievements enabling you to form and share a balanced view of the individual.

At digital insight, we go beyond negative news and sanction searches to bring you a rounded and unbiased view of people.

​Having a positive perspective can​:

  • widen business and investment opportunities

  • generate productive leads

  • enable deals to be closed

  • aid marginal decision-making

  • mitigate controversy


An example of digital insight at work



A UK-based charity is required to perform due diligence on a potential oversees donor: the charity’s staff simply enter the donor’s name.



To ensure the donor is correctly identified, Digital Insight requests simple details, either directly or through carefully targeted questions.



Next, our comprehensive data collection processes sweep the internet, deep-web and commercial data providers.



Our algorithms enhance the information using natural language processing and AI to de-duplicate and fuse the data together.



Our algorithms remove false positives and unrelated information, for example data on different people with the same name. 



A digital profile, setting in context both commonly and uncommonly known details about the donor and his circle, allows the charity to accept.