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We are a deeply technical start-up that rewards bright minds with hard problems

Kings Cross

You will find us in a brand new office just behind the station in the heart of London's thriving new Kings Cross tech district. We have fantastic bars and restaurants on our doorstep alongside the newly refurbished Regent's Canal - great if you fancy a run at lunchtime or just a bit of space to decompress.

All our employees share our success

All of our employees own part of the company that we are building.


Tech companies are a journey. The earlier you join us, the more generous the options package can be.

We believe in rewarding shared endeavour and recognising exceptional commitment.



Junior Research Analyst

You are naturally inquisitive with an analytical mindset and the ability to break down large problems and articulate the logic.

We are looking for passionate individuals who have a good working knowledge of online information sources from news sites to social media.

The role will involve performing Open Source Intelligence research as well as articulating the steps involved for the development team to automate.

Training and mentoring is provided along with a warm team environment so you can become the very best in OSINT research.


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We specialise and differentiate in our ability to extract information and knowledge from unstructured text. We work with a blend of open-source and commercial frameworks and build proprietary algorithms alongside and on top of these. 

Our work relies on the latest innovations in the field so we are constantly reading, researching and prototyping. If you are interested in industrial scale applied NLP then we would love to talk to you.

You would ideally have demonstrable research interests in at least one of: Information extraction (entity & relationship extraction), entity resolution, entity matching, text summarisation and near-duplicate detection.



Product Engineer

Product - It's what we think about,
it's what we build and it's what our customers engage with. 


To join our product engineering team, you will be bright, innovative, and driven to deliver amazing user experience. We're looking for a team-mate who will enthuse, challenge and inspire everyone around them.


You'll be doing research, prototyping and even working on raw data sources. It's all about delivering capability, so if you need to find a new source of data, a new way of manipulating it or a new way of visualising it then we give you the freedom to do so. It's not a dev role, but a bit of C# or Python along with visual presentation skills will really help you communicate your ideas both within the team and externally.


We're all under the hood​​

We are a deeply technical company.


We don’t outsource
or aggregate other’s solutions - we break new ground and innovate. 


Everyone has a tech background and we prioritise intelligent problem-solving, effective task-sharing and supportive teamwork.




Full stack

You are creative and passionate about what you do. Our base language is C# and we leverage both AWS and Azure. Our heterogeneous microservices architecture enables us to work with the right language for the right job so that often includes Python for ML and NLP. Our front-end is written in React.

We have intellectually demanding work, involving large-scale data acquisition, aggregation and algorithmic processing. We work with Elasticsearch, large graph-databases and cutting edge UX.

You will naturally embody modern dev practices, have experience working in a professional dev team and enjoy learning new technologies.

Automation Test
Lead dev in test

We have a large set of distributed systems that work in concert to gather, process and present data to be judged by a human.

Our test team think pragmatically about business and technical risk. You will care about what where data comes from, how we process it and hence how to test the knowledge we are extracting from it. 

You will build test scenarios for complicated problems and have responsibility for testing everything from individual microservices to our whole system working in unison. 

We are looking for people who understand non-functionals, embody automation, 'get' CI/CD environments and understand UI automation, load testing and measurement.


Marketing & BD
Lead practitioner

It's essential that we get our message to customers. Every role in our organisation relies on creativity and innovation - marketing is no different. We are looking for a charismatic team member to review and enhance our existing strategies.


​You will be working directly with our team, clients, partners and prospects. Day-to-day, you will engaging directly with the exec team, with lead responsibility for all of our comms, collateral and market engagement.

​This is a hands-on role. You will be able to produce compelling comms,  run effective campaigns and enjoy representing the company at industry events.


We’re not just building tech…

We’re building a cutting-edge equitable tech culture: everyone innovates, everyone understands, everyone owns.


We want savvy, committed people to help us build great products and also shape a dynamic progressive company.



Our graduate programme

Our team comprises a tight set of experienced software developers and scientists. We welcome graduates into our team and everyone recognises the vital role that you will play. 

We are looking for intellectually rigorous and inspirational new team members. If you apply for a technical role then you are going to need to have some experience of programming but we are not expecting miracles. 

We need grads for our summer 2019 intake from high-calibre establishments with a strong reputation in the field for which you are applying.

A note to recruiters

We work with a small number of agencies. This approach tends to work well for both you and for us.

If you have worked with someone at digital insight in the past then please feel free to reach out to them.
We would politely request that you do not make unsolicited contact directly by phone or email.


Your note will be reviewed and we will get back to you if we would like to talk more.

Enquire about a position

We are always looking for bright and enthusiastic team members.  Please feel free to message us about a specific role, or general career opportunities at a fast growing, leading tech company.